Szczecin is the capital of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship and it is the country's largest city. Learn more about Szczecin at their website. .


The Polish citizens were first introduced to Jazz in the 1930s by listening to Voice of America Jazz Hour program. Their first experience with live Jazz performances came during the Cold War when the United States, State Department sent Jazz artists as cultural diplomats to help shape its image abroad. The David Brubeck Quartet performed in Poland, with the first leg of their tour in Szczecin.

Today, Jazz is flourishing in Szczecin and it is promoted, produced and managed by Szczecin Jazz. Szczecin Jazz was established in 2015 and produces the following events:

  • Szczecin Jazz Festival a month-long event taking place in various locations in the city featuring international, national and local artists. Audiences get to enjoy jazz traditions, the latest trends, and polish jazz. 
  • Jazz Comes to You an education program to change the image of Jazz and make it more accessible to the citizens of Szczecin. Jazz Comes to You takes its programs and performances on the road including streetcars, in homes, churches, and schools.
  • Rose Garden Summer Performances that take place every Saturday in the summer and includes various types of entertainment including Jazz, theater, pop music, and much more.
  • Collaborative Projects that connect their Jazz program and artists to others globally. Since its founding, it has collaborated with organizations in New York, Kansas City, Ukraine, Japan, and London.

In addition to Szczecin Jazz, the Philharmonic also brings in international Jazz artist to perform.

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Sylwester Ostrowski

From Szczecin, Poland, Sylwester builds cultural connections globally with jazz. To date, he has three albums; the latest being In Our Own Way, where he takes on cultural exchange, bringing ...