1. Access to programs in cities worldwide.
  2. Participate in artist exchanges and education opportunities.
  3. Exposure to a larger global community through digital presence.
  4. Take part in a networking conference.
  5. Enjoy marketing and public relation activities undertaken by Jazz Sister Cities.
  6. Present your city’s Jazz artists and introduce their music to larger audiences and outlets.
  7. Take advantage of opportunities to learn more through cultural
  8. Appear on the official Jazz Sister Cities map. (coming soon)


  1. Established as an organization for at least five (5) years.
  2. Main focus is presentation, production, performance, and education of live Jazz music.
  3. The program is at the highest artistic level.
  4. Commit to building networks of established Jazz programs globally.
  5. Take part and encourage artist exchanges and collaborations between Jazz Sister Cities.
  6. Authorized permissions from photographers, producers, and artists for publishing content on Jazz Sister Cities digital platforms.
  7. Support the harvesting of digital content through crowdsourcing.

Contact us at info@jazzsistercities.org to get more information on how to become a Jazz Sister City. Programs, festivals, concerts, education initiatives, projects, artists,  artist representatives, booking agents, promoters, and cities are eligible.

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